Want to be entered to win one of three, $1,000 scholarships and potentially save a life?

70% of people who need a bone marrow transplant rely on a complete stranger for a donation.

That's why DoSomething.org, Johnson & Johnson, and Be the Match are looking for College Reps to help save the lives of people diagnosed with certain types of blood cancer by running a Be The Match donor registration drive on their campus as part of our Give a Spit About Cancer campaign.

If selected, you will host an on-campus registration drive, educating and signing people up for the registry. And a rep from Be The Match will be with you there to help you run the drive.

We're accepting applications until the end of April and reviewing all applications on a rolling basis so get your application in as soon as you can! After your application is submitted, we'll follow up with you within 72 hours to let you know if you've been accepted to be a College Captain.


Q: When do I have to hold the drive?
A: Drives can be held anytime you choose between April 1st to May 31st depending on the availability of the Be The Match reps.

Q: When are applications due?
A: By April 30th! But we're accepting applications on a rolling basis so get your app in sooner rather than later!

Q: How much time will this take?
A: Somewhere between 5 to 10 hours! But you'll have a Be The Match rep there to guide you through the entire process so it'll be easy (and impactful!).

Q: When will I know if I'm selected?
A: Within 72 hours of your application being submitted! Yeah, we're fast like that.

Q: But I don't know how to run a drive! Will you help me?
A: We'll be helping you every step of the way. A Be The Match rep will be assigned to you to walk you through the entire process and DoSomething.org will be sending you everything you need to run a successful drive.

Questions? Email adam@dosomething.org.
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What is the name of your college? You must be enrolled in college in the United States to run a bone marrow registration drive. *

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If selected, you would run a donor registration drive on your campus with a goal of getting 50 people to join the Be The Match Registry. Outline 3 strategies you'd use to hit and exceed this goal. *

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You are all set! We'll let you know if you've been selected in 72 hours! Email any questions you have to adam@dosomething.org.
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